Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sixth grade nothing

As a student in middle school, I was bullied non-stop.  Sixth grade was the worst for me.  There was a group of eighth graders that would harass me to the point of physical violence. It felt hopeless.  My other friends (the few I had) we too little to do anything about it.  I didn't/wouldn't tell my parents and bullying wasn't the issue in schools that it is now.


This issue is close to my heart.  It's one that affects our students at the deepest levels.  To be torn down to a point were you feel that you are worthless is a terrible place for a child to be.  No matter what the "problem" is, we should be treating others with respect and honor.  Both of these are values that are lost on today's culture.  We tell our kids (by our actions) that they are animals without self control, so here's some condoms.  We tell them they are worthless, that's why we have aborted millions of their peers.  We tell them that they are a cosmic accident, so there's no real reason for anything.  We surround and desensitize them to violence and we wonder why they turn on themselves and each other.

To be devoted to each other and to honor others above ourselves (Romans 12:10) is to show respect:  Respect for our selves and for others.  We must teach our kids that they have worth, not based on others' opinions, not based on where they live/ the clothes they wear/ the car in the driveway.  Their worth comes from being a child of the King.  It comes from Him.

If you are being bullied, have a student being bullied, or are doing the bullying- get help right away.  Get in touch with your school administrators, parents, student pastors to find the help you need.  Do NOT wait.

As I struggled with my bullying problem, it was this very thing that carried me through.  My parents had taught/showed me my worth wasn't based in anything here, that it came from my Creator and doesn't change.  It's something that my wife and I have instilled in our children.  And we pray that they will instill these characteristics in theirs.


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