Monday, February 21, 2011

Bigger Problems

A recent article in the Kansas City Star reported the findings of a recent study on millennial's attitudes towards sex and marriage.  The findings of the study are very concerning (Kansas City Star article) on two levels: 

    * The amount of students who are experimenting in sexual touching and sexual intercourse
    * The amount of students who approve of non-traditional families and divorce

As I read through this article, I was shocked at the numbers.  I was shocked at the attitudes of this generation towards sex, marriage, and divorce.  But something gnawed at my insides as I read and re-read it.  Then it struck- it's not the numbers that really bothered me, it was the fact 65% of the teens surveyed believed that truth was relative.  That what may be true for me, doesn't make it true for someone else.  It's this statistic that terrifies me.

If you've ever heard the term "postmodern", this is what it means:  The only truth is that there is no truth.  To see an overwhelming majority of an entire generation believe this makes my blood run cold.  This is a slippery slope that we're on.  Once a generation is broken loose from the moorings of truth, then anything is truly possible.  When people come to the conclusion that my reality is based on my perceptions and feelings, then whatever they choose is right/wrong.  And who am I to judge?  Who are you?

As a follower of Christ, my job is not to argue the merits of Jesus, but to live out His love.  Very few see Christ (though there are some) through a debate of facts.  Most come to see Him, because of the way His followers act.  The New Testament book of Acts (Ch. 2) shows us that the early church won over thousands of converts because of the way they lived in community with one another.  They put flesh and bones on the words of Christ and it transformed the planet.

We, The Church, must once again begin living in community with one another and with the larger community around us.  We must put flesh and bones on the words of Christ in a way that shows Gen Y what the Truth really is (and WHO He is!).  We must love one another.  We must serve the poor, the orphaned, and the widowed.  We must be reading His words, imparting His thoughts to our sons and daughters, and  praying the Scriptures deep into their souls.  There is no argument more compelling, more staggering, more final- than the cross of Christ and the life altered by it.


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