Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gargling and Heaven

After Kelsey had beat out 2 other teens in gargling a song, we opened the word and began to look at what it said about heaven. We talked about the no more pain or tears or hunger verses. We looked at what John saw and tried to describe in his book of Revelation. We asked questions like: "Do you believe in heaven?" "How do you get there?" "What does it look like?" All for the purpose of leading them to one particular questions...."What next?"

In Acts 1 after Jesus had ascended into the sky, the disciples were just standing looking up. Intently, is the word used. When two men dressed in white appeared beside them and asked why they were just standing there looking up. The two men told them He would come back just as He left. It was almost as if the two men in white were saying..."What are you guys doing? Get to gettin'!"

All too often, we in the church stand around gazing into the sky waiting for a return no one can predict. In the mean time, people all around us and the globe are suffering. Whether that pain is from a job loss, or the loss of a loved one. They struggle with depression or sexual identity. Maybe it's a child that is hungry in a village in Mozambique or it's a pastor imprisoned for his beliefs. Regardless of what that pain is- Jesus has called us to more than just waiting for heaven.

Scripture shows that Jesus prayed that His will be done ON earth as it is in heaven. Revelation 21 shows a picture of a new heaven and new earth coming together as the final dwelling place. It's a picture of the Divine living in community with His followers. I believe it's the idea that the church is here to communicate His story of love and redemption in action and in truth. It's time to do something! Anything!

We can no longer stand around and look skyward as if that's all we have to do. Jesus is calling us to make a difference. To bring His presence to where ever we go. It's time for us, His followers, to begin living it every second of every day. We are called to put flesh and bones on Jesus' prayer.

After we were done last night, three middle school students pulled me aside. They said they were tired of living "regular" lives. They wanted to be different. They told me they wanted to commit their lives to Him and be baptized. My heart jumped in my chest and tears came to my eyes. Right in front of me was Jesus' prayer. His will on earth as it is in heaven.


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