Monday, August 1, 2011

My Wife

Tomorrow is my wife's birthday. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day that God blessed me before I knew it. Tomorrow is a celebration of the day that changed the course of my life before it needed changing.

Most people don't know this about my wife, but she saved my life. Well, I don't mean "pulled me out of a burning building" saved my life but rather she showed up and loved me at a time when very few did.

I had a rough couple of years after I was out of college. It was bad enough that almost all of my friends turned their backs on me. I even had one tell me that I was going to hell (he told me this sitting in the cafeteria of my Christian college). If you've ever felt rejected by the church then you understand where I'm coming from. These followers' words and attitudes so poisoned my spirit that I walked away from it all; the church, God, and anyone that had anything to do with Him. It was not pretty to be a part of and my life was a wreck.

It was about the same time that Tori came into my life in a very unexpected way. We were both dating people we thought we would marry. My girlfriend was off at another school and her boyfriend was a good friend at our college. To make a long story short, we both ended up heartbroken and single at the same time. Initially our friendship was just that, a good friendship. We were struggling through similar situations and turned to one another for guidance and comfort. Nothing more.

I had known her for a couple of years and never saw her as anything other than my friend. But as our conversations went longer and longer into the evenings my eyes opened to this stunning young woman sitting on the other end of a phone. I started getting excited when I knew I was going to see her, and I began coming up with reasons and excuses to make sure that happened as often as possible.

Our dating relationship started when she asked me if I was ever going to ask her on a date. I didn't know if she was just kidding but I took the chance and our first date was to the Applebee's in Joplin, MO and to see the movie "Good Will Hunting".

Afterwards we went to a friends house where she told me she had a great time but wouldn't see me again until I severed all ties with my old girlfriend. Ummmm...DONE!

Our first kiss was in the middle of Oklahoma somewhere at 12:05 on February 15, 1998. I remember the time and date because it was at that moment I knew that she was to be my wife. I loved her from the start and haven't stopped since.

She rescued me from all the of the mess I had made of my life and stood by me when most chose to walk away. She loved me at my worst and so I know she loves me now.

She has given me the two most beautiful children and blessed my life more than I can count or imagine. Other than God's gift of grace she is the single greatest blessing in my life. I would not be here were it not for her.

So when the clock strikes midnight tonight and rolls into tomorrow, it will not just be another birthday to celebrate for me. It is the day that saved my life, it is the day that brought me here, it is the day that my honeybunny came into this world and rocked mine!

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