Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3

These teens are incredible.  They worked and served like crazy and we were able to clear out 99% of the Poe's family property.  They did a fantastic job.

We've heard several survivor stories that have chilled us and challenged us.  One couple made it through the tornado lying on the pavement of the Dillon's grocery story.  Another woman survived in her bath tub.  She pushed the wall that had fallen on top of her and looked out to see that she could look into her yard.  This afternoon we went to the home of one of the CIY directors.  He was out of town and his wife and 4 week old baby rode out the storm in the basement.  We were able to look through it and see what people had been writing on the walls.  Messages of hope and love sprawled all through the remaining structure.

We stopped by what's being called the "Joplin Hope Wall" and took pictures.  It's a mural on the side of an abandoned building that just sprouted up.  People coming together to restore their city.

It has truly been an honor to engage this community and to be able to play our little part of this unfolding story.

Please continue to keep us and all the other teams here in your thoughts and prayers.  As they wear down physically, emotions can run high.  We want to make sure that we are able to stay focused on what we are here to do- rebuild.

Yesterday, Dorothy Poe (the home owner) reminded us of that as she held my hand and looked me in the eye.  She looked up and said that in the learning of her new faith, the Bible says that there are angels among us and that we just don't recognize them.  She looked at as and said "You are all our angels".


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