Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 2

I am exhausted as I write this.  It's late and I'm beat down by this weather we are having.  My emotions are on edge because of what happened today.

We met the Poe's.  That is the family we are serving this week.  It's a single 50+ mom of 2 grown boys and a soon to be daughter in law.  She had been working with AmericaCorp and was waiting on them to clear her property.  4 weeks later here we are, doing what needs to be done.

There was and still is a ton to be done here but we've gotten this one house.  We are able to change things for one family and be Jesus to just them. 

We cleared huge mounds of debris and broke down some felled logs.  Tomorrow we'll finish up on the debris and start in on the back deck. 

Our other group worked in a distribution center breaking down packets and sorting through mountains of clothes.  They will be working with us in the front yard tomorrow as we race to get the Poe family's yard done.

I literally can't put into words what we are seeing/ feeling/ experiencing here.  It is beyond comprehension. 


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